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Web Design & Credits

W3Schools: A very accessible site that teaches HTML and CSS, among other related things.
Web Maker: A site editor that shows you changes in real time.
CodePen: Another site editor.
Templaterr: Free templates for your site.
Canva: A very easy-to-use graphic design tool.
Pixabay: Free, high-quality stock images.
GifCities: A search engine for GIFs that Geocities sites used.
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection: A collection of GIFs, pixel art, stamps, and buttons.
Webweaver's Free Clipart: Nice, old-fashioned clipart and GIFs.
Animated Images: Old-school GIFs galore.
Krasivie Kartinki: Russian website of overall beautiful and nostalgic GIFs.

Books & Reading

The StoryGraph: A phenomenal alternative to Goodreads that features book tags, half-star ratings, reading stats and graphs, and more. Its keystone feature, however, is a questionnaire that matches a reader with specific books.
OverDrive: An app that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library and others, as long as you have the required library card(s).
Project Gutenberg: An archive of free-to-read books, largely classics.
Open Library: An online library that is quite controversial, but has a well-intentioned goal. My view on piracy is mixed. Basically, if you can afford to support authors, please do.
Book Trigger Warnings: If you're wondering whether a book has themes that could make you too uncomfortable, use this wiki to search for it.

Buttons & More

Here are some fine mutuals keeping the spirit of the creative, personal web alive.

Sadgrl Online Auzzie Jay America's Decline Toadsbey's Place Let's Learn Together Pleurodelinae Arkm's World Tonic Funk Honey Citron Reading Project Haxrelm Maya Land The Realm of Ambernia Crimson Earth Spiritcellar Grafo Volaverunt

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